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April 01, 2015
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LuBotics is a small technology startup born out of research performed at the University of South Florida by Dr. Luther Palmer. Capitalizing on the high levels of agility inherent to articulating legs, LuBotics is ready to show the world how effective bio-inspired robots can be for life-saving work alongside first responders, bomb squads and military personnel.

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ProdigyGolfer® is a progressive young adult apparel brand producing high quality custom apparel for golfers worldwide. By focusing on this key under-served “young adult” demographic, we fill a strategic gap in the golf apparel industry by offering high-tech performance fabrics across our apparel, head-wear and belt-wear product lines. Our target customers range from retail stores, pro shops, resorts, sports teams and online consumers.

Meet the Organizers

Angela Kendall SparkRocketMC

Angela Kendall has spearheaded marketing campaigns with dramatic ROI for over 20 years,serving start-up and early stage companies – many affiliated with larger global companies like Lockheed Martin, Boeing, AXIS Communications, etc. She has crafted strategic marketing & business plans enabling successful launches of products & services globally.
Spark Rocket Marketing

David Pankros @DavidPankros

I am a attorney, software developer and entrepreneur. I have been involved in many start-ups, some during the 90s dot-com bubble and burst. Now, in addition to running my legal practice, I help companies, and especially start-ups, protect their intellectual property. I also still code and am constantly working on side projects.

Jan Christian Alvarado

Nancy Alpers @nancyalpers

Nancy is an independent programmer and designer.

Alpers Design

Ron Ben-Zeev @Rbenzeev

I am a startup junkie. I have started companies on two continents. I have lived on five continents. Passionate in helping others achieve their entrepreneurial dreams.

Past Organizers
Shea Glenny @danyashea

Proudly Sponsored By

Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, Barnie’s CoffeeKitchen is a national brand with a loyal fan following.

A simplified live streaming syndication platform.

Founded in 1885 by New England Congregationalists who sought to bring their style of liberal arts education to the Florida frontier, Rollins is a four-year, coeducational institution and the first recognized college in Florida.

Past Presenters



FreeWavz: Smart earphones with built-in fitness monitoring. 100% wire-free with a naturally perfect fit, FreeWavz provide audio announcement of fitness metrics users want, when they want them. With no binding wires nor bands, no fitness devices strapped to other parts of the body, and a natural, secure fit, they free the body and the mind for better workouts, allowing athletes to become Unstoppable. We are planning a Kickstarter campaign beg. late June and would appreciate the opportunity to rally support.



QPN Inc puts the power of real time digital advertising in a merchant's control enabling them to provide new and repeat business incentives that are both popular and profitable every time.

alfies clothing inc.


Our mission locally, is to sew dresses and donate them to girls in orphanages that we partner with around the world. Our goals are to train girls and women to learn the trade of sewing locally and internationally because we know that learning and teaching locals will build community, provide jobs, and help protect girls from human trafficking. While our goals are important, our vision is to always encourage girls and women and teach them they are valued.

IndieBox, Inc


IndieBox is the first and only subscription service for fans of indie games. Each month IndieBox creates a collector's edition version of a popular indie game. Collector's edition boxes include a DRM-Free version of the game for Windows, Mac, and Linux, CD soundtrack, color manual, and lots of collectibles.

FRESHeTECH Product Development


FRESHeTECH has transformed from a company that designs and sells shower speakers into a new product design firm. FRESHeTECH partners with other companies to help design and launch their products. For example, FRESHeTECH partnered with Smartech Products (SmartiReach.com) to design the Smart iReach - The easiest to use selfie stick on the market (lighter, smaller, better technology, better design).

Isle of Salsa


Isle of Salsa produces artisanal, fresh crafted, gourmet salsas, condiments and dips. Our mission is to create and market delicious, wholesome, original, and unique salsas, dips and condiments, that combine local ingredients with exotic flavors.

Bajalia International Group


Bajalia International Group (BIG) is a Fair Trade retail and wholesale provider of home, fashion and jewelry goods handmade by artisans in underdeveloped economies. BIG connects consumers and retailers with the stories of the sustainable global impact their purchases make while taking Fair Trade products to the masses.

Nighthawk Running, LLC


Developed by athletes for all active people, Night Runner safely lights the way to run and walk from dusk until dawn. With no headbands, belts or straps, Night Runner shoe lights are completely unobtrusive to the user's experience. The two ultra-light, rechargeable, 75-lumen LED light units provide advance warning of trip hazards and make the runner instantly visible to traffic. Night Runner is great for urban running, trail running, hiking and walking.

AlwaysNear - Florida


AlwaysNear addresses the need for seniors to affordably remain in THEIR HOMES safer, healthier and longer. Wireless sensors provide comprehensive 24/7 monitoring of all relevant conditions of a senior living alone all or part of the time to enable (1) rapid emergency response and (2) timely proactive care to slow and/or stop a senior's accelerating decline, which improves seniors quality of life, reduces family caregiver stress and helps bring unsustainable senior healthcare costs under control.



We help bloggers grow and monetize their website. We do this through our online community, our weekly TV show, and through our brand new Blog Network, GottaGetBlogging Elite.

Moment Sportswear


We are a brand; a culture. We make high quality performance apparel for competition and for the preparation of the mind body and soul of athletes. We are a brand with a passion for competition and that opportunity for success that defines us as an athlete and a person.

Travel Startups Incubator


Travel Startups Incubator is a new global travel technology incubator dedicated to investing in the world’s most talented travel entrepreneurs and early seed stage travel technology ideas. Since August we have made 7 investments. We focus on mobile travel technology, segments within the travel industry to include in-destination products, hotels, tours and activities, distribution, B2B, travel advertising and corporate business travel. Mobile is the future for the travel industry.



We design innovative products. The first is a golf training aid that has been received positively in a test market

Defensive Tactics Solutions


Defensive Tactics Solutions is the premier provider of solutions to modern safety and security concerns. We are a company dedicated to developing the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to protect yourself, your staff, and your students in the event of an unexpected attack or criminal activity.



PHresh KITCHEN is a unique fast casual restaurant franchise that provides creative and delicious meals and snacks, which are also healthy, organic, GMO-free and calorie controlled. With our unique modular iKitchen restaurant format, and commitment to providing healthy food combined with health and fitness information from their affiliations with medical, nutrition and fitness professionals, PHresh KITCHEN hopes to be a leader in healthy, fast-casual dining. Our first restaurant will open in early 2015.



A free, online, non-profit community to match underfunded startup founders with people seeking experience.

Data for Decks LLC


Custom PowerPoints and dashboards designed from your business data.

Vinny is a FREE app that reveals the wholesale price for a used car to help car buyers and sellers negotiate a smarter deal. Vinny's Price is calculated from national car auction data and gives you the most accurate and independent view on used car prices anywhere.



MyLumper is an application that’s going to revolutionize the way truck drivers currently pay for their Lumper fees. What is a Lumper Fee? A Lumper fee is a fee paid for the labor to unload a container or to sort-out products. The people that do this work are called Lumpers. 80% of food and grocery warehouses currently such as Sysco, Sam's DC Costco UsFoods and more require drivers to pay a delivery fee range from 50-700 dollars to receive their own products.

Worldwide Neon Tiki Tribe Inc.


TIKI (Thoughtful, Intelligent, Kind Individuals- We sure need more of these right?). Our goal is to "empower" children (our next leaders) to do the right thing in life, when they're faced with challenging decisions. Our path to this goal is through an "Educational Super Heroes" book series (If you can keep their attention longer, the educational message is stronger) that will turn into a "BRAND" an "ENTITY" that will be licensed around the world in many forms.

Disability Smart Solutions


Disability Smart Solutions provides ADA Inspections, Accessibility Surveys, Undercover Guest Experiences and Employee Training to help businesses to engage the senior 50+ and disabled consumer. We discover architectural and attitude barriers in a business and provides solutions. We also review businesses for Universal Design and sensory concerns. Our goal is to increase customer and employee loyalty through safer, 100% compliant comfortable places of business.



Whenever you make a purchase of any water or energy saving product or service you run your GreenActionCard and the school that issued the card gets a rebate from the vendor to apply toward "going green." We call this "The Loyalty Card for the Planet" It is like Boxtops4Education without those pesky boxtops. One way to issue the cards is for the school to host our one-day program, Climate Change is Elementary, where all the families in the school fill out and pledge to follow Green Action Checklists.

GotChosen Inc.


GotChosen is developing an online advertising ecosystem that addresses privacy issues caused by behavioral-targeted ads. While developing the software, the company has successfully established a global web presence as a scholarship provider that has grown to over 600,000 registered users.

TURBO Compliance


TURBO Compliance is a single source for creating, managing and monitoring all regulated healthcare operational readiness documents, policies, procedures, directories, logs and inventory. Easy to use and free to try. https://beta.goturbo.co



CareSpotter is a site that helps families find senior caregivers directly. We also set up free Workplace Solutions for companies that want to support their working caregivers.

Get Local LLC


A boutique travel and booking agency that provides a local and authentic Central Florida experience to tourist and locals alike. Provides alternatives to the attractions area of Central Florida by promoting outdoor and adventure activities, the best local and farm to table restaurants, state parks and local arts. Services available to book through the Get Local website include fishing charters, scuba diving, SUP/Kayak tours, biplane, discount specialty theme park tickets, wakeboarding and more.



Independent game development community group

RH Photography Communication


Creating Personalized Image Banks for small and medium sized companies, to convey the companies story in one shot.



GO ALL DAY® (GAD) is an active lifestyle brand that mixes fashion with performance. A one of a kind brand for everything from the everyday active lifestyle to today's most popular sports. We don't settle for the "average". Our clothing brand represents a lifestyle focused on never giving up and constantly pushing for greatness. The logo represents the infinity symbol, known to be forever, never ending, and to have no limits. All of our clothing is hand printed by us in our shop.



Every year over 2 billion dollars in late package refunds go unclaimed with UPS and FedEx. LateShipment.com was created to automatically track packages, flag when a shipment is late, and then automatically submit for a refund. If your business ships with UPS or FedEx you are probably owed money. Reclaim what is rightfully yours with LateShipment.com.

Women's Business Innovation Center


The Women's Business Center's mission is to accelerate sustainable business growth for women entrepreneurs.

Complete the Pair


Our mission is to help companies, salespeople and job seekers stand out from the crowd enhancing their ability to land meetings and job interviews while simultaneously providing free shoes to people in need. In other words, we help them differentiate in a way that makes a difference.

FitBark Inc.


FitBark is a beautiful activity monitor that helps you understand your dog's health and behavior, so you can take better care of them. The awesome data sets we seamlessly generate are helping veterinarians, animal pharmas, food and retail companies better target or validate their products and services.

Kids' Wellness Alliance is a children’s health and wellness edutainment company founded, in 2013, on the belief that kids deserve entertainment that honors their spirit and nurtures their minds and bodies. Yoga Dog is a 22-minute children's "edutainment" program targeting the imaginations, emotions, and mobility of 3-7 year olds. The show follows the adventures of Yoga Dog, an innocent, fun-loving pup who discovers the imaginative world around him with the help of his friends.



FREE WORLD WIDE ART & ARTISTS REGISTRY! We believe artists are needed in this world and should not be needy in the world. FreeArtistsRegistry.com, the Best Place to Show, Share, and Sell Your Artwork For Free, was designed from the ground up to be a social solution to the problem all artists face. How do I sell my art? We have the solution, or the very least the best start we've seen...

The Diebel Legacy Fund


The Mission of the Diebel Legacy Fund is to recognize, honor and perpetuate the concept of the Good Samaritan and to assist in the development of future physicians who share this passion. While the Fund has been around for 12 years, our new program is still in it's infancy. The Medical Samaritan Program just completed the first year of piloting at UCF's College of Medicine. We have tweaked the program and are starting a new pilot period now.

Orlando's BIG Exchange


Orlando's first week-long celebration of Global Entrepreneurship Week. We will awaken a spirit of entrepreneurship across our city and encourage everyone to bring their unique gifts to the table through a week of workshops designed to take teams from problem to solution. We're inviting thinkers, educators, artists and makers to collaborate on some of our most pressing problems for the chance to win a $20k prize pack on the last day of the week.

Safer Handguns


Developing, Producing and Marketing Patented Retrofit Safety Device for Firearms

Lark Sound


We are a local engineering company focused on making beautiful, custom goods that are built to last. Our priorities are craftsmanship, authenticity, and sustainability. We want people to enjoy our products, appreciate their beauty as well as the quality of materials, components used to create them, and be proud to own them.

World Housing Solution Inc


World Housing Solution, an Edgewater, Florida company manufactures rapidly deployable and reusable thermally efficient structures and shelters for the US military, oil and gas, and foreign medical lab industries. Utilizing insulated composite panels with an integrated proprietary assembly and foundation, this unique system allows the deployment of the units either on, or above, grade thereby eliminating the need for expensive site preparation without sacrificing structural integrity.

Better Stuff LLC


We are a modest product development company commited to making relaxing a bit more relaxing.



MobileCARE makes it easier for healthcare teams in and out of networks to coordinate with each other to provide better care. In our BaaS model a vendor-neutral mobility layer gives administrators a centralized way to manage their data, authentication, and policies across applications and also provides a nimble environment to build apps without exposing them to sensitive data. With MobileCARE, hospitals can safely adopt and deploy innovative, targeted solutions while keeping their data secure and compliant.

Dock-n-Lock LLC


Dock-n-Lock is an early stage automotive safety company developing solutions to prevent cell phone distracted driving. Through our innovative and unique products, our goal is to be the standard in vehicle and mobile device integration making roads safer for all.



PlugsAndShare is design to connect people to share their experiences good or bad, so that they can avoid the pitfalls while enjoy the best experience. In return save them a lot of money, time, head aches, and frustration.



We are the foursquare of Gas stations, but with real rewards.

Orlando Tech


Orlando Tech is a community-built organization that connects, promotes and fosters the growth of technology companies in Orlando.

Ramisetty Ramakrishna LLC


Ramisetty Ramakrishna LLC is an innovative company designed to produce technologies that will revolutionize the automotive industry for generations to come. Based in the area about Henderson, Nevada, we intend to facilitate a team of highly skilled individuals to engineer systems, perfect prototypes, and rigorously test them in a multitude of different conditions, all to ensure that solely the highest quality products are released to the public. By doing so, we commit to excellence in everything we do.



RulePlex is a cloud based business rules engine. It can integrate with any system through a REST based API.

MADI Apparel


MADI Apparel - it stands for Make a Difference Intimate Apparel. For every pair of underwear purchased (any of our six styles), MADI will donate our modest brief style to a woman in need. Think - TOMs Shoes - just with underwear...We've partnered with domestic violence shelters, disaster relief organizations, orphanages in India, Christian churches, etc., to receive our donations. MADI undies are manufactured in the USA (South Carolina) out of lace and sustainable bamboo fabrics.



P2Binvestor is the first and only social funding platform for receivables-backed lines of credit. We provide small businesses with necessary working capital by crowdfunding their receivables to investors on our website. P2Binvestor is disrupting the 136 billion dollar receivables finance market. Our platform is making it easier and more efficient for small businesses to get the working capital they need to grow.

Downtown CREDo


A social enterprise incubator for Central Florida. Rally Makers will mobilize a small network of people committed to make an impact for good by accelerating new social enterprises originating from or serving Central Florida.

Florida Hospital Innovation Lab


FHIL (Florida Hospital Innovation Lab) is a unique innovation space embedded in the heart of one of American's largest healthcare systems, Florida Hospital. FHIL's focus is human centered innovation and welcomes anyone interested in creating better solutions for health care and for people in general. With more than 3000 square feet, FHIL provides creative space for innovation to happen on all levels through design thinking projects, classes, rapid prototyping or dynamic discussions.

The Iron Yard


The Iron Yard Academy teaches intensive, three-month courses that mentor students into professional junior-level programmers. With its roots in Greenville, SC, The Iron Yard is working to grow the tech talent in cities like Atlanta, Charleston, Durham, Houston, and Tampa. The Iron Yard is launching its Orlando campus with a Front-End Engineering course in the Church Street Exchange Building this fall.

ThisAway, Inc.


ThisAway Members will be presented with local, long distance, and international ride sharing options by configuring multilinked travel segments that connect Members and private/public carriers traveling in the same direction as their Point A to their Point B. Membership will be free.

Direct Audio


Direct Audio is an audio streaming app that lets you connect to any television in the room. Catch the big game in a crowded sports bar by transforming your phone into a personal speaker system for your table. Listen to that movie playing in a quiet waiting room through the headphones attached to your mobile device. Direct Audio delivers the audio you want, when you want it, for personalized entertainment in any location.



JOICASTER manages all of your live streaming channels through a single dashboard. Our platform simplifies the process of syndicating live video to multiple online streaming platforms. Your content, everywhere.

Kairos Academics, LLC


Kairos Academics is a new educational software company whose primary goal is to bring schools into the digital age by replacing their existing paper-based processes with simple, easy to use software that makes their lives easier.

Toonari is a Cyber & Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) Agency focused on private, corporate, and public security in conjunction with investigative predictive research. Using a proprietary technology guided by artificial intelligence (affectionately called Tomoko), Toonari has developed a thorough research-analyze-report technique that yields an early warning system for notification and prevention of potentially dangerous situations for clients and provides unique, difficult to find investigative results.

Central Florida Commission on Homelessness


Raise awareness, change public perception, get the community to act on behalf of our less fortunate neighbors.



We educate and empower bloggers to help them move from being hobbyists to professionals.

Lyft, Inc.


Lyft matches drivers with passengers who request rides through our app for iPhone or Android. This friendly transportation alternative focuses on community, affordability, and convenience.

Client Types


Client Types is an Orlando start-up that provides real-time psychological insight into people that allows the user to communicate more effectively and come to agreements more often with clients, co-workers, subordinates, or anyone else they interact with. Client Types does this with unbeatable speed, ease of use, and cost effectiveness.

ClikClok, LLC


ClikClok provides internet-based software (SaaS) designed specifically to help small - mid sized staffing companies operate more efficiently and more profitably. Starting with automated online timesheets, ClikClok sends out payroll ready files, processes and sends invoices, provides detailed metrics, delivers data directly to Quickbooks. The two major benefits are improved operational efficiency and higher margins through more profitable decisions.

Catalyst is a 7,000 sq. ft. collaborative shared workspace for entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers, and independent creative class professionals opening late this summer on the 5th floor of the historic Yowell-Duckworth Building (1914) at 1 South Orange Avenue in downtown Orlando.



Fattmerchant is a subscription based merchant services provider offering unlimited credit card processing to small to medium sized businesses across the US for a flat fee.

D-R-E-A-M, Inc Debt . Rules . Everything . Around . Me


A company dedicated to designing a web payment portal that allows students to pay off the principal of their student loans anytime, anyplace, and by anyone with a credit/debit card through an integrated web platform that monitors and displays these debt payments in real time.

DG3 Marketing


A marketing company that offers an affordable luxury for you business. Digital Billboards for the any business at minimal cost without the lengthy contracts.

Enviro Petroleum


Enviro implements technologies meeting the following requirements: 1. reduce emissions of CO2 2. have a known, consistent and measurable rate of return 3. require no changes in the uses habits



Autorecruit is a Software-as-a-Service that helps technical recruiters screen candidates, and reduce time and costs associated, by automating early-stages of the interview process. Through innovative technology, Autorecruit eliminates the need to review resumes of candidates applying for programming jobs that are unqualified or cannot write good code. Our solution expedites time-consuming tasks such as resume collection and reviewing process, technical screening and candidate ranking, candidate sourcing and social recruiting.



Canvs is a nonprofit coworking space for tech startups set to open in the Church Street Exchange this summer.

Live Music Tutor Inc.


LiveMusicTutor.com is a unique web based platform that revolutionizes music instruction. Combining the most sophisticated technology with a dual curriculum developed by our music leadership team which is trained in instruction to all levels of music students. The curriculum is designed to serve beginners or enthusiasts through professionals – whether they want to learn a song or two or complete their music education through a formal continuum.

Rally Makers


A social enterprise incubator for Central Florida. Rally Makers will mobilize a small network of people committed to make an impact for good by accelerating new social enterprises originating from or serving Central Florida.

Creative Upstart


Creative Upstart looks to develop the next age of consulting firms combining traditional consulting, technology, and data services effectively for a more measurable and affordable Return on Investment. We give individuals the inspiration, technology, and resolutions a company or individual needs to successful launch, improve or grow their company.

Imagic Media Group


Imagic Media Group is dedicated to developing entertaining educational materials to promote literacy, and to inspire children to protect animals and the ocean.

DigiThinkIT, Inc.


DigiThinkIT, Inc. is a custom software development firm providing web, app, enterprise, security and unique software targeted at medium sized enterprises. In addition it builds its own products and services like its iCloak™, a personal privacy and anonymity tool to keep

The Daily Hundred


Companies can use the app to create word of mouth campaigns which allows them to control the conversation on social media. Users are then able to earn cash and other awesome rewards by completing different actions relating to your favorite brands, such as taking pictures or sharing content. This is a fun way for users to share their favorite brands with friends while earning cash. This is also a great way for brands to get their name out in a positive way using social media.



A two sided platform where small businesses can drive and reward customer referrals and customers can find businesses their friends use and trust

The Best Medical Business Solutions


At The Best Medical Business Solutions and The Best Management Business Solutions, we provide companies with the tools needed in proper business management, strengthening their operational, financial and administrative core. We are founded on the three most important principles: ethics, morality and honesty. We're a father-daughter company, now serving clients across the county, speaking at more than 12 conferences annually and writing for almost a dozen industry publications.



Goodwipes is an ‘in your pocket’ lifestyle brand. All of our wet wipes are individually wrapped and use the most effective ingredients. We guarantee you’ll feel fresh, clean, and confident when and where you need it most… Because being clean is a good thing.

mCast Networks delivers context-specific video to mobile devices in densely populated venues that can’t be served adequately or affordably by cellular or Wi-Fi networks. MCasting allows people in, for example, sports venues, to watch live content on one of four channels, without a cellular or Wi-Fi connection. The Super Bowl this year banned NFL.com from streaming video to fans in the stands because it had inadequate bandwidth. mCast Networks solves this for sports teams, universities, and convention centers by using TV white space in the UHF band. If just 10% of professional sports ticket holders paid $5 / year for the service, this would generate over $40 million in annual revenue. And then there is the NCAA ...

ARC Tracker, Inc.


ARC Tracker gives homeowners easy online access to submit requests for approval of changes to their property in covenant-restricted neighborhoods. The committee that approves/denies the request also does their review and voting online. The site provides open access to search and to comment.



DrinkDrivers provides a website and app that allow customers to have alcohol delivered to their doorsteps. Customers go online and choose which products they want from a huge selection of beer, wine, and liquor and then enter their location. As soon as the submit button is pressed, we get to work making the awesomeness happen on the backend. We operate an opaque marketplace that connects customers of legal age to licensed vendors of alcoholic beverages.

Quatro Solutions


Quatro Solutions provides quality tablet PCs to the education industry at a low cost. We design our tablets to eliminate unnecessary components and focus on having high-quality characteristics that maximize the user experience. We also provide consulting and training services to provide educators with the advice and training needed to implement eLearning Content into the classroom. By working with eLearning Curriculum developers, as well as SIS, Cloud computing, and system infrastructure providers, we help provide a full implementation solution.

Party Tutor


Party Tutor is a smartphone app and website that helps college students find their local drink specials, food specials, and deals. We're working to develop the most effective marketing platform for any business looking to reach the college audience.

TROBO is an educational toy - a robot storyteller who gets young kids excited about Science, Technology and Engineering through engaging, interactive stories.

Advanced DataStor, Inc.


Research firm focusing on improving small businesses and large residences via management and distribution of video.

Bike share operators and providers for the Orlando Bike Share system.

DeLucca Beauty


We are formulators and sellers of luxury beauty products, specializing in sunless tanning and bronzing. Our products are designed for high efficacy, and results to impress the discerning consumer.

Orange County Library System


The Orange County Library System provides Information, Imagination and Inspiration to more than four million visitors annually. Books are available as well as audio books on CD mp3 players and in downloadable formats. Borrow DVDs, music cds, magazines or download to your device. Business databases and online resources are accessible from home or office. Free classes on a variety of software programs to enhance your business.

Spoiled Rotten Marketing


At Spoiled Rotten, you will find some of your areas most luxurious salon and spa services, all at a significant discount of 90% off retail value. To start pampering yourself or a friend, simply choose your location, pick your spa and we will mail out your Certificate within 24 hours.

BMDM is an Orlando-based direct marketing agency specializing in response-provoking personalized marketing. Founded in 2003, BMDM creates data-driven, multi-channel strategies that integrate highly personalized mail, email, URLs, QR codes and mobile landing pages. The results of each marketing channel and every responder is tracked and analyzed to deliver the data clients need to increase the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.



KidsTal is helping parents to discover and develop strengths and talents of their children. We use scientific methods to assess the aptitudes of children and provide tailored-made bi-weekly activities prepared by educators and field-experts to develop the talents of children. We also provide a venue for parents to connect with other parents of like-talented children and we offer appropriate for specific talents educational merchandise in a form of marketplace.

CelleC Games


CelleC Games is a serious gaming company that develops innovative educational games for enhanced learning. Structured around the Common Core Standards, these learning tools are designed to promote interaction and increase the knowledge retention of students K-12. In addition to grade level based games, CelleC Games develops adult learning tools in the form of customized, training simulations.

Soul Of Da City


Welcome to Soul Of Da City; a media mecca for Orlando’s growing culture. Soul Of Da City is a continuous movement which provides independent artists, entertainers, and musicians the opportunity to gain recognition and develop their livelihood. Soul of Da City offers individuals the chance to expose their works through radio, internet, video, and live performances. We provide a platform for artists to gain the proper knowledge necessary to be self sufficient in their efforts. Mission Statement: Separated we are artists, together we are a movement. www.SoulOfDaCity.com

Lineage Roasting


Small batch craft coffee roasting

Office Concerts


A wellness program featuring 35 minute, unplugged music performance by professional touring artists, in the office spaces of forward-thinking businesses. Office concert fees also support local arts organizations.

Recruiter MLS


The RecruiterMLS™ is a free search for recruiters to find live candidates and open jobs represented by other recruiters who are members of the MLS. The MLS also features tools that allow recruiters to securely and efficiently add jobs and candidates and collaborate with one another to make placements.

ALTR the way you show your support by sliding our patent-pending button cover over your garment's existing button.



Bungalower covers Orlando’s bungalow neighborhoods. Bungalower.com focuses on what’s happening in our neighborhoods and main street areas. Our goal is to provide a way for those of us who live in those neighborhoods to stay up to date on the comings and goings of restaurants and other businesses, stay up-to-date with the real-estate trends in our area and understand the changes in our area the impact our quality of life



Provides evidence based wellness solutions to companies to increase happiness and productivity among their workforce.

Grind Time Now


Grind Time Now is the world's first and largest Hip Hop Battle league. Starting in 2008, GTN went viral via the Youtube platform and allowed aspiring rappers from across the world to compete. Using this popularity, GTN was accepted into the, "Music is a Natural Resource" project with the United Nations. With over 100 Million views via Youtube and other platforms, GTN continues to expand its reach through the largest music festivals, magazines and networks.

Studio 18


Founded by Full Sail Alumni Connor Smith, Studio 18 is a state of the art recording facility in Winter Park FL, supplying sound and recording services to the greater Orlando area and beyond. While Studio 18 encourages all artists from the eclectic and diverse stock pool of Orlando talent to record and create in one of our 3 unique recording spaces at competitive rates, our "community is king" approach motivates our mission to give the inspiring and must-hear "Orlando Sound" the national identify it deserves.



Modernmeal is a social network where people can connect with the people and recipes they care about.  Modernmeal inspires people with recipes that match their lifestyles; saves them time when meal planning and simplifies how they shop for groceries.

VisualCue Technologies, LLC


VisualCue is creating a new paradigm for how individuals and companies view and interact with their data, be it big data or small data. We are becoming the new standard for Operational Dashboards, Business Intelligence & Analytics.

Blank Schools


[ ]schools catalyzes the design and formation of new school models through a radically different approach - condensed time-frames, interdisciplinary teams, and the use of principles from human centered design thinking, lean startup and empowered participatory governance methodologies. This process was prototyped in July of 2014 and led to the design and opening of Ampersand School in Longwood using a team of 30 interdisciplinary experts and a timeline of 40 days.



Aspire Analytics is software for colleges and high schools that offer online courses. We identify the students that are most at risk for dropping out of those online classes. Our dashboard gives schools an overview of their entire student population and allows administrators to prioritize their outreach to the students that need the most attention.

Ready Made Inc


Developing a patented single use disposable baby bottle for use in humanitarian and commercial applications. There is currently no off the shelf, ready to serve, baby bottles on the market. All current options require assembly, which can spread bacteria. This is a safer and more convenient way to feed babies.

Florida Funders


Florida Funders, LLC, is a crowdfunding portal that connects accredited investors with startups seeking funding. Accredited investors who register on the local portal can access information on companies seeking investment. If there is enough interest from investors to meet the company’s funding requirements, Florida Funders facilitates the investment by creating a fund, an LLC, specifically for the company seeking the investment.

MidKnight Munchies


MidKnight Munchies was founded by two current UCF students who are looking to fulfill those late night cravings. We are a baked goods delivery business serving the University of Central Florida area. We strive to make your bad days better, and your good days great!

Covington+ Associates, CPAs Inc


Covington+ Associates, CPAs is on a crusade to reduce the startup and small business failure rate in America. We aim to do this by utilizing a unique attitude, cutting edge software and leveraging decades of small business accounting experience.

East End Market


East End Market is a neighborhood market and food hub in the Audubon Park Garden District of Orlando, Florida. The Market showcases some of Central Florida’s top food entrepreneurs, tradespeople, artists, and chefs. The two-story structure is home to a dozen merchants, a large event space, a demonstration kitchen, an incubator kitchen, offices, retail shops, a full-time, award-winning caterer and a world-class restaurant.

J's Everyday Fashion


Multi-media journalism company, providing a positive, realistic view of fashion and resources for personal style on a budget.

Live Warfare LLC


Mobile application that is a real life first-person-shooter using your camera function, gps, and augmented reality.

Ring for Service


Full service virtual concierge company. RingForService is your virtual assistant and luxury concierge. We schedule your appointments, make reservations, secure impossible to get tickets, book flights and make great recommendations, just to give you an idea. we are used mostly as an employee benefit package, saving companies hours of work per year and putting tens of thousands of dollars back in their bottom line.

BuySignal Inc


Our company, BuySignal, monitors and identifies users on social media that express interest in buying products or services. These qualified leads are presented to interested businesses in an organized and actionable format.



Foolies is a motivational t-shirt company designed to help others live out their dreams through their fashion. You are judged the moment you are met and through fashion we not only empower the customer but we empower those who come in contact with the brand or message.



iCC is an online service that instantly verifies Florida contractors' professional license, workers comp, and corporate status. It is the CarFax of Contractors because it takes the guesswork out of credentialling


In Work

By enhancing conventional state of art technology like Google GLASS and adding layers of industry specific application engineering, TG3 creates sophisticated integrated systems that provide accelerated information access and training in relevant context.



IDEAS is a 501c3 nonprofit environmental organization and accredited NGO of the United Nations advancing sustainability through campus and community action. We are building a movement of K-12 and university chapters to turn IDEAS into solutions that solve the environmental crisis in the areas of energy, water, food, waste and ecology.



3DARTwear is a new mobile Augmented Reality solution for clothing retailers and individual consumers. We will change they way people interact with clothing, connect with others, and support great causes using our mobile application software.



Ocoos makes the internet simple and powerful for local service providers. It allows even the smallest companies to fully control their web presence, seamlessly interact with clients online, and manage their back-office operations all from one simple place on the cloud.



Trevinly is a new search engine and marketing platform that is able to guarantee visibility and growth. We believe when people are seen they can change the world. When you give someone an audience of just one, or even 1 million, they seize the opportunity and introduce their idea coupled with passion to try and make something better. Whether it be an invention, or services, this opportunity puts a spark in entrepreneurs that takes the world forward together.

Lauren Sigman Jewelry


Fine Jewelry company primarily servicing the wholesale market place with a side arm of direct retail.

Shoflo LLC


Shoflo, a real time cue sheet platform for the live event production industry. SHOFLO saves sports, broadcast and event production companies time and money by replacing paper based cue sheets with a collaborative, sustainable, real time cue management platform.

Hawkers Asian Street Fare


Roam the streets of Asia, and you’ll quickly find a variety of hawkers, or street vendors, each peddling a unique dish from their mobile stall. Our chefs uncover the best of these hawker recipes and put them under one roof. Now, you can experience the streets of Asia without leaving your neighborhood.

Publicly Related


Publicly Related is a unique public relations agency. They have a holistic approach to PR which covers aspects of branding, marketing and lead generation. Publicly Related doesn't believe that public relations can occur in a bubble, for that reason they have created a program that encompasses the best of PR, Public Speaking and Publishing. This renegade PR agency packaged these services into programs, and is delivering excellent results for their clients.

Ninebricks.com Education Solutions


We are building and aggregating real estate educational content by giving real estate instructors the tools they need to deliver an online class. We hope to improve the quality and delivery of real estate online education and help agents who are entering the industry to be successful.

GI Money Magazine


We publish a magazine and website that strives to be the leading and authoritative resource on financial matters for the military audience. We develop educational content for important topics that impact military families such as: Military-to-Civilian Transition, Entrepreneurship, Career Advancement, Frequent Moves / PCS and Deployment. We help connect organizations that that want to reach out to our readers.

FreshETech LLC.


FreshETech LLC. produces and sells innovative products.

Learn Everywhere


Blend 100+ years of memory research with today's mobile technology to help people remember the things that matter to them.

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